Greenpoint Technologies Shortlisted for the IY & A Awards 2014

Greenpoint Technologies have been shortlisted in International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2014 in the Private Aviation Interior Design Concept category.


This is a one-of-a-kind 747-8 VIP interior concept designed by Greenpoint’s in-house Design Team. The design features Greenpoint’s unique, patented products, the Aeroloft® and Aerolift™.

Inspired by historical 1930-40‘s elite aviation photography, colours of sepia and gold tones embody the elegance of travel and the allure of flying. These tones provide an element of timeless design.


The 747-8 Interior achieves both a corporate and personal atmosphere that embraces the experience of business and private travel. The deckplan provides each room with a specialized decor that celebrates distinctive qualities, while connecting the overall signature of the plane.

The Greenpoint Design team describes the interior, “Details and motifs reflect the universal patterns, sense of memory and culture that illustrate the essence of an individual, gravitating toward the ultimate pride of place. Colour is experienced through form, symmetry and the dynamic balance of light. Expansive entertaining areas envision custom seating, utilizing Europe’s finest leathers and interiors of American Black Walnut and East Indian Rosewoods. Artful and functional, the interior expresses the complexities of the 21st Century balanced with the legacy of the traveller.”


The Designer continues, “The design team’s goal combined the innovative principle of the ‘Modern’ movement through lines and texture. When exposed to light, the elements project a confidence and reflective quality that revolves around the deckplan exuding more expansive and luxurious spaces. Each space is dedicated to the highest level of function, decorum, and collaborative exchange; from small to large open spaces, the use of technology is present in each room for privacy or entertainment.”


The versatile interior works as a family residence, in a business capacity or for leisure purposes. The main deck embodies a impressive living space. The forward master suite includes an open sitting salon and adjoining lavatory. The main lounge presents a generous space for meetings or entertainment. The entrance foyer encompasses Greenpoints’s Aerolift™, guest lavatory, upper deck staircase and mid-cabin galley.

The Aerolift™ is an elevator that permits runway to main deck access for up to four persons or in the case of limited mobility; two persons, a wheel chaired passenger and an attendant. It also provides a secure, “Royal” entrance to the Boeing 747-8 VIP aircraft. The upper deck accommodates a media studio and library. The expansive dining and conference room are behind the foyer followed by the office, the Aeroloft® and additional guest accommodations.

Greenpoint’s Aeroloft® is a perfect example of Greenpoint responding to evolving customer demands. Through close collaboration with Boeing, Greenpoint developed this new product. The Aeroloft® is a modular product designed specifically for the Boeing 747-8 VIP aircraft. It features a stairway, an optional changing room with closet and eight private sleeping berths in the aft, upper section of the aircraft between doors 4 and 5. It provides a comfortable rest area above the main deck during flight.