The Grove Glasshouse by Purcell

Purcell have been shortlisted for Restaurant Within a Hotel – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020. 

The Grove is an established award-winning luxury hotel with historical roots as London’s Country Estate where the ‘Weekend Away’ originated in our social history and where Royalty, Heads of State, Ministers and Celebrities came to stay. In response to increased guest expectations and improved facilities, the clients required a radical and dynamic extension to transform the former restaurant, to increase the dining experience, to elevate the kitchen theatre to organic and international cuisines, and to enhance guest ambience.

The dining experience is heightened with a series of articulated table settings creating a variety of ambience and intimacy for guests. Larger groups are accommodated with two stunning semi-circular tables with grand curved banquettes in the two apsidal end bays of the glasshouse where the height and transparency are enriched with shades of amber stained glass and ochre vaulted ceiling from which are suspended giant mobiles of seed pods, as well as semi-circular banquettes against the raised inner terrace with its clear views out to the gardens through the bronze portals that frame the original openings connecting to the new glasshouse beyond.

To emphasise and encourage the outdoor dining experience connected to those indoors, a giant sunken fire pit and fire basket sculpture takes centre stage in the gardens beyond on axis to the dining terraces and ancient olive grove planters. Once outside, the kinetic art continues with two giant weathervanes crowning the shallow vaulted roof. The completed project has not only transformed and rejuvenated this strategic heart of the hotel, but has also proved such a success that the bookings need to be carefully managed to avoid being declined, endorsing the overall appeal and cachet of the Glasshouse Restaurant at The Grove.

This large restaurant combines the drama of light, space, kinetic art and extensive kitchen theatre with intimacy, relaxed ambience and the sheer joy of dining, whether that be at large or intimate tables deep within or without the Glasshouse. In all locations, diners are surrounded by artistic gems that further delight the eye and heighten the senses in anticipation of the culinary fayre to be savoured and enjoyed.

The openness and light airiness of the glasshouse permeate deep into the spatial layout so whether dining within or without the Glasshouse, the diner is nestling between global kitchen theatre inside and a giant sunken fire pit surrounded by English gardens and ancient olive trees outside. The raised inner terrace has clear uninterrupted views out to the wider landscape setting further strengthening the guest’s relationship and enjoyment of the contrasting joys within and without.


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