Guiyang Louvre Tulip Inn by Shenzhen C.S.C DESIGN INSTITUTE

Shenzhen C.S.C Design Institute have been shortlisted for Hotel Over 200 Rooms – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020. 

Regardless of whether the project is vacation-oriented, cultural-oriented, or complex, a deep understanding of the project is essential before designing. Based on this premise, the designer must fully explore the current status of the project, the culture and the context of the building. In this process, many levels of things are gradually revealed, establishing the real foundation on which the design is based. Guiyang, which was named after the south of Guishan in ancient times, has a small number of Miao, Yi, Dong, Buyi Ethnic settlements are mysterious, closed and unique.

Shenzhen C.S.C Design Institute

East and West, Mountain City and Metropolis, will become and have become, the two world-class destinations of Central Guizhou and Paris, through the project, will pass past and present in a specific space, performing an art in a long time Dialogue, the Paris around people there.

The space skeleton of Tulip Inn follows the proportional relationship of science in Western painting. On the canvas of the overall space, it reflects the rich alienation deconstruction order. The abstract language, colours and geometric figures, are used in different combinations to create the atmosphere that designers want to embody, romantic and elegant.

Shenzhen C.S.C Design Institute

At the Tulip Inn, the space is tangible and intangible, renewing the impression. The concept of “French style” has been re-interpreted in the design, focusing on “art, elegance, and fashion”, responding to the free and straightforward city of Guiyang with a more agile and modern artistic attitude. When entering the space, the surprise of the design appears inadvertently, walking through the art, real elegance also grows.

Shenzhen C.S.C Design Institute

The architecture of Paris pursues solidity and eternity, demonstrating the conquest of nature by human beings; the architecture of central Guizhou, with the undulating terrain, space flows with the charm, and the architecture under the background of farming civilization complements nature. At Tulip Inn, designers want to pursue the eternal art of living with nature and living with landscapes.

Shenzhen C.S.C Design Institute

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