The Gulfstream G700 Classic Seat by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation has been shortlisted for Aircraft Seating Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

The Gulfstream G700 was announced October 2019 as the business-jet industry’s new flagship. Along with the most spacious cabin and advanced Symmetry Flight Deck™, the G700 features all-new seating designed by Gulfstream for the most comfortable flight experience.


The G700 Classic Seat makes its first impression with a timeless wingback silhouette, supple curves and intricate details. The finest leather is hand-stretched to the seat frame, then hand-stitched to reflect the interplay of shapes and curves featured in the overall cabin design. The Classic Seat was also designed for customization with side and back panelling that clients can choose to accent with veneer, paint, leather or textiles. Clients also work with Gulfstream designers and artisans to choose their leathers and explore the multitude of design possibilities available through stitching, piping and other embellishments.


Behind the design is Gulfstream’s research and development talent. Gulfstream’s industrial designers start with hand sketches and mature the design via meticulous modelling of each foam layer while working with the engineering teams to verify the viability and certification aspects of the design. The design is refined through extensive comfort studies, and the various layers of cushioning are fabricated by computer-controlled machining to create organic, anatomical shaping that enhances comfort for all body types. Artisans at Gulfstream’s seat shop bring the designs to life through numerous trim iterations of each seat to ensure the durability, beauty and comfort of the G700 Classic Seat.


Integrated into the design is an articulating back panel that disappears into the upper back shell when the seat reclines, so the seat stays beautiful, no matter what position it is in. The seats also lie fully flat with no effort, making them convenient and comfortable for sleeping on ultra-long-range G700 flights.

The G700 Classic Seat also features accent lighting under the armrests, which puts each seat on its own light pedestal. The subtle wash lighting also serves another purpose: as emergency lighting that, instead of interfering with the cabin design, becomes part of the design itself.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

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