The Gulfstream G500: Performance and Polish

The Gulfstream G500: Performance and Polish by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. have been shortlisted for the Private Jet Design Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021.

This Gulfstream G500 reflects the class-leading performance of Gulfstream’s next-generation aircraft through a sporty interior evocative of the aircraft’s high speeds and smooth flights. The passenger experience is achieved through a play on contrasts in colour, content and composition: linear patterns juxtaposed with sweeping movement; plush upholstery balanced with smooth, sleek lines; ebony furniture dancing with ivory upholstery and a carpet that marries the two.


This G500 design begins with a Gulfstream Sport interior, featuring furniture and finishes imagined for aficionados of high-performance automotive vehicles and their enveloping interiors. The seat architecture embraces the passenger by incorporating advanced ergonomics that relieve pressure and enhance comfort. Horizontal linear quilted leather inserts do double duty by providing extra breathability and creating visual impact.

That linear motion continues in the bespoke carpet, created from fine wools and hand woven into a bias stripe pattern that plays off the horizontal seat lines and draws the eye through the cabin and into the next living area. Similar movement is echoed in the custom cabinetry, which features ribbons of grey caleidolegno and ebony veneer, and, again, in the diagonal grain of the upper sidewall upholstery. The varied sizes and pattern orientations create a design that is soothing to the eye and further enhances the serenity of the interior.


Woven into that linear movement is the high-contrast palette of grey caleidolegno and black ebony veneers and charcoal carpeting with the softer tones of the upper sidewalls and hand-stitched leather seats. Light Coarse Carrara quartz countertops in the galley reflect light from the panoramic Gulfstream windows and embedded glass racks. The harmony of contrasts is further accentuated with texture by incorporating ultrasuede seatbacks to enhance softness and warmth.  Additional accents include brightly polished white-gold-plated drawer and cabinet hardware that provide subtle pops of chrome-like shine.


The Gulfstream G500 Performance and Polish interior design incorporates opposing interior elements so well that the result is a harmony that simultaneously soothes and invigorates.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

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