Harmony World Consultant & Design

Greentown Gemdale – Walking in the Air by Harmony World Consultant & Design

Harmony World Consultant & Design has been shortlisted for Luxury Residence £1-2.5 Million Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020. 

Greentown Gemdale is located in Shanghai and bears the profound historical and cultural heritage of Songjiang. With the concept of “elegance and simplicity” throughout the design, it tells a story to create a blend of history, culture and an urban life art space. The B2 show flat is an ultimate pursuit of classic Western style, showcasing the smallest details.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

Harmony World Consultant & Design used a mixture of gorgeous classical and simple modern integration, with a progressive and elegant temperament, to create an elegantly artistic and romantic space. In the living and dining areas, the main colour scheme used was predominantly ash and muted green, creating a rich and noble temperament throughout the space. These colours are even incorporated into the art, such as the oil painting in the living area.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

The simplicity of the interiors is combined with luxurious and contemporary furniture in a subtle and elegant way. Harmony World Consultant & Design have achieved an understated luxury interior with Greentown Gemdale, hints of metal and bronze are quietly scattered throughout the property and add a sense of glamour to this apartment.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

The art of haute couture was the inspiration behind this design, Harmony World Consultant & Design aimed to perfectly present a romantic and artistic atmosphere. The designer’s ideas were rooted in the regional culture and history of the aesthetic of modern East London. From the outside, the goals were to highlight Western personality, from the inside, the focus was on connotation and innovation, through modelling and colour interpretation of modern contemporary fashion.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

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