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Sundy International Sunshine—One Array by Harmony World Consultant & Design

Harmony World Consultant & Design has been shortlisted for Luxury Residence £1-2.5 Million Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020. 

The Sundy International Sunshine show apartment is located in the core of Hangzhou’s Qiantang River. The aim of the project was to create a luxury riverside lifestyle, with design styles blending the eastern elements into a classical western style. Through the use of the ink painted screens, to the calligraphy colour tone, the whole design is a new definition of urban elite group life.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

The main colour scheme throughout this apartment incorporates greys, golds and beige, creating a luxurious residence fit for any high net worth individual. The colour scheme is combined with metallic detailed lines which evoke an Art Deco style and help to promote light through the living spaces effortlessly.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

The space is filled with contemporary art and all decorative elements feature customised designs in the pursuit of luxury. The screens behind the sofas are customised with eastern ink resin, the back wall of the television is a fully customised metallic board with an added leather and lighting decoration, a complete ingenuity work of art. The smallest of the design details draw out the luxurious fashion element that Harmony World Consultant & Design aspired to for this show apartment.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

Harmony World Consultant & Design added the traditional cultural elements into the design concept, by using plenty of imported leathers, fabrics, stones, wooden veneers, resin plates and metals. The design cleverly combines the traditional eastern abstract elements like the calligraphy and ink painting, into classical western London street-style. This creative mix of merging the two distinct styles defines the lifestyle of an up-and-coming urban elite group.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

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