Congratulations to Hedgeford & Berkley who have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Americas Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Hedgeford & Berkley have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

Functionality meets beauty, in this effortlessly elegant design by Hedgeford & Berkley.

Hedgeford & Berkley designed the house remodel around maintaining the views of the client’s garden and lagoon-like pool to create the perfect inside/outside connection. The natural light that floods the house was used to set the stage for the impressively rich cabinetry. Hedgeford & Berkley, with their fascination and obsession with construction and design details lay the foundation for a seamless finish.Hedgeford & Berkley


The marble countertops and backsplashes used an integrated brass inlay, bespoke designed as well as custom made anodized aluminium kitchen hardware for longevity and maintainability. The hardwood floors were refinished and mated seamlessly to grout-less marble floors, laid in a French pattern with alternating sizes. The marble floors were then hand grinded and honed to create a smooth, flat transition between the tiles. Several coloured Cera Gres tiles were combined in the powder room to create the strong but not overpowering presence. Hedgeford & Berkley worked with several sizes and colours and combined them to create a marriage of tones and textures. The metal work in the kitchen was hand made by a local metal shop and then sent to an anodizing company for colouring. The kitchen was first designed and manufacturing drawings scrutinized to create precise metal pieces to be integrated into the cabinetry.

Hedgeford & Berkley

This project showcases many bespoke elements using a theme of brass hardware, richly stained woods paired with honed marble throughout. Refinishing the original oak floors and creating seamless transitions to the grout-less, marble floors were important details kept at the forefront of their mind during construction. The floors honed by hand create a flat finish that was luxuriously smooth. Philips hue lighting system was used throughout to create ultimate lighting control from anywhere inside, or outside the house.

Hedgeford & Berkley

Hedgeford & Berkley worked tirelessly to create layers of beauty from room to room whether it be in the pinstripe brass details of the countertop or the multi layers of glazing used on the kitchen cabinets, beauty is seen through and through. Being engineers at heart, function, maintainability and smooth mechanisms were a priority. Hedgeford & Berkley create spaces that can transform your mood when you step into them and play on constant iteration and balance between beauty and function.

Hedgeford & Berkley