Henley Homes are Shortlisted for the Residential £1-2.5 Million (Property Value) Award

Henley Homes compete for the Residential £1-2.5 Million (Property Value) Award in the ID&A Awards 2015.

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This is a conversion of a listed 1960s modernist school, set in 3.2 acres within sight of Big Ben, in London, and spaciously designed townhouses have been created as part of the scheme. The listed heritage of the site was respected greatly by the architects and the resultant design takes the best of the school layout and key features in order to create unique and highly desirable new homes.

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Many aspects which make a good school can also make a good home: space, light, robust modern details plus generous and well-designed exterior and communal spaces. The townhouses have many appealing features which include ribbon windows incorporated wherever possible, floor to ceiling glazing and classrooms becoming large open-plan living spaces. Additionally the playground courtyards have been transformed into landscaped and themed spaces.The new design has allowed this abandoned school, to be returned to full use. Once an eyesore and a security concern for the local community, the development is now a growing community of its own. There is no doubt that the 1960s architecture inspires a strong reaction. However, for those who appreciate the enormous windows and the bigger than average layouts offered by many of the conversion units, this site is proving irresistible.

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