BMT Asia Pacific & Henry Ward Design Shortlisted for the IY&A Awards 2014

BMT Asia Pacific & Henry Ward Design have been shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014 with their Floating Lodge from the Sea-Suite series, entering the Yacht Concept Design up to 30 metres category.

 Floating Lodge Front

Floating Lodge is from the Sea-Suite series of egg-shaped floating lodges, houseboats and beach cabins that marry eco-luxury with the spirit of yachting. The Sea-Suites, designed by Richard D Colwill & Henry Ward, offer a novel ‘water loving’ lifestyle concept, of which Floating Lodge provides an excellent example.

 Floating Lodge Interior

Crafted from a unique egg-shaped form reclaimed from a previous project, the modern structure features clean lines and organic curves. It had originally been developed as a composite radome for a new landmark cruise liner terminal in Hong Kong and represented a significant investment in design, development and use of material. In order to simplify installation & meet radar requirements, a ‘monocoque’ structure – light enough to be installed in one lift – was developed. The resulting form of the radome suggested both functional and aesthetic value for other uses.

 Floating Lodge Bedroom

Seeing the opportunity for a second life of this compelling shape, Richard D Colwill, Managing Director of BMT Asia Pacific who also led the radome delivery project, worked with designer Henry Ward to develop a series of egg-shaped waterborne and coastal structures. Floating Lodge, along with the other Sea-Suite design concepts stay true to BMT’s maritime pedigree. They have also been designed with the intention to minimize environmental footprint and installation costs, as well as provide a solution to maximize use of space afloat and ashore.

 Floating Lodge Guest Bathroom

Sea-Suite’s uses may range from self-contained habitats – individual houseboats, lakeland lodges and beach cabins, to marina offices, art galleries and other novel commercial spaces. Based on elements reclaimed from a previous project and outfitted with eco-friendly design features, Sea-Suite is truly a sustainable concept that carries with it the spirit of the luxury yachting.

 Floating Lodge Lounge

The Sea-Suite series also provide an elegant solution for land-based challenges. Given its flexible application, portability and fully customisable interiors, it can conveniently provide a number of coastal lifestyle options where onshore spaces and infrastructure are limited, expensive and/ or undesirable.

Floating Lodge Exterior Rear


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