The Hickson Design Partnership Compete for the Golf Resort Award in the IH&P Awards 2014

The Hickson Design Partnership have been successfully shortlisted in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014. Albarella Resort will compete for the Golf Resort Award.



The brief was to create fresh, contemporary hotels, with white as the dominant colour. The design team used a more sophisticated tone on tone palette for the Golf hotel with a ‘younger’ selection of colours for the Capo Nord hotel as this is a family hotel.


Golf hotel is formed by 22 suites on a single floor level, divided in two wings. The plan is organic and follows the shape of the land. The suites are hexagonal in shape, therefore this shape was used as a design reference.


The inspiration was simply the lagoon colours of light blues and greens. The leaves motif is inspired by a typical water plant of the area. Some of the lamps are inspired by the fishing activity on the river Po. The design team used eco products, such as taps, paints, leed certified tiles.


The key aspect of the project was the freedom to work with contemporary material and design collections creating discreet and comfortable interiors. The design works especially well as it reflects the island’s amazing atmosphere and colours.

Photographer: Beppe Raso