Hillarys Renovation Project by Moda Interiors

Moda Interiors have been shortlisted for Resgeneration/Restoration Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020.

The brief was to create a house that reflects the owner’s past, present and future. The whole home was gutted inside and out, apart from the bathrooms and laundry room – these really didn’t require updating as the client felt it would be a waste of money to initiate unnecessary changes. The interior and exterior were painted, all custom cabinetry was designed by Moda and new flooring installed spanning wooden floors, carpet and tiles. Window treatments, furniture, plumbing and lighting features were also selected by Moda.

Moda Interiors


The clients wanted a luxurious hotel feel for the Master Suite so Moda converted an adjacent bedroom into a custom designed walk in wardrobe. The existing kitchen and scullery were demolished to make way for a more seamless and functional space with integrated appliances and a large cool room tucked away in the scullery.

The cultural influences that the clients hold dear to them were integrated into of this home and also reflected easily through the property, taking it beyond what the clients thought possible.

Moda Interiors

The form and function of the home were greatly improved, this was done through focusing on product performance, whilst giving all rooms a meaning and purpose. This works well and fits the clients brief as they wanted the property to reflect their lives but still have a functional flow throughout the home.

The home sits well within the beachside suburb with its new exterior colour scheme and landscaping, however what lies within is what makes this home so special. Cultural influences dictated the transformation of what is now known as the Mongolian Room, drawing inspiration from a photograph of the Client’s son sitting in traditional Mongolian Yurt. It is a place the owner can relax in that reminds her of home.

Moda Interiors

A successful project is all about interpreting a client’s vision, and consistently delivering a reality that channels and expands on the original concept. Moda Interiors feel they have perfectly captured the cultural influences of the owners of this beautiful home; a home should reflect the life stories of the people who live there.

Moda Interiors

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