Hollywood Beach Residence by Sarah Z Designs

Sarah Z Designs have been shortlisted for Living Space – Americas Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

Hollywood Beach Residence by Sarah Z Designs was nothing less than a full gut rennovation, tearing down interiors, walls and adding square footage to create an open concept, design and construction with turnkey delivery.

Sarah Z Designs

Sarah Z Designs created an open concept layout to provide a more inviting environment to make the task of entertaining guests easier. They gutted walls, intergrated higher ceilings and designed a new lighting plan to bring in more natural daylight. In turn, they utilised technological systems, creating a smart home to control every aspect of how the house operates.

Sarah Z Designs

Wall coverings were installed, as well as fabrics and flooring, with tile finishes that mimic sand and water, harnessing natural elements into the home using light, the ocean and other natural materials. Due to the fact the condo is facing the ocean, Sarah Z Designs opted to bring this feel onto the interior walls and carry it through for a direct connection with raw elements. They also carried the design in the pillow fabric through its soft blues and sand like patterns. The chandelier in the dinette also mimics the sun and rests above a gold lattice work fruit bowl that resembles sea coral.

Sarah Z Designs

In the enty foyer as well as the floors throughout the condo, textures and colours were used that illustrate sand on the beach. The design was achievable through the clever use of light and shadow, stimulating ciews of the ocean, plants, patterns, shapes, textures and materials that distinctly reflect the natural environment. The condo consequently easily floats on top of the Atlantic Ocean beneath it.

Sarah Z Designs

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