Home Revolt Ltd make the Shortlist for the Asia-Pacific £1-2.5 Million (Project Value) Award

Home Revolt Limited have successfully made the Shortlist for the 2014 International Design & Architecture Awards. Their project No. 56 Repulse Bay Road has been Shortlisted for the Asia-Pacific £1-2.5 Million (Project by Value) Award. Contracts of blue and white, modern elegance and retro-modern, achieves the ideal of bringing and sea view closer to this Repulse Bay house.

The living/dinning area is bright and airy, taking full advantage of natural lighting and the spectacular view outside, also collaborate with local artist to create a artistic custom-made wall finishes, it’s extraordinary clarity ensuring a constant play of reflection to entertain the eye. One side of the living area, with an elegant fireplace features furniture, this clever arrangement not only enhances the sense of spaciousness but also adds a layering effect to the space. Small balcony by nature wood with bar and the broiler, that allows for cocktails and snacks to be prepared while the host is interacting with guests. More natural atmosphere bring in and attitude towards life and taste.

For the entrance foyer and staircase, we would like to create an airy open space and allow natural day light to float into entrance foyer. We design a cantileverstaircase, yet can brighten up the area, also that becomesone of the focal point to this duplex. In the living area we’ve a full height storage cabinet, thus we designed to create a feature wall along those cabinet door continues with our concept. So collaborate with local artist by using different type of painting methods and materials to custom-made a door cover with pumping texture.