Welcome to The Design Society

Welcome to The Design Society

This is the ultimate PR for the design elite. Our exclusive community is driven by people who truly believe in the promotion of exceptional design.

Founded in 2005, The Design Society is a members-only community of industry-leading designers, architects and companies. We are the ultimate Little Black Book for the world of yacht, aviation, commercial and residential design.

Our members…

Unlike others, we aren’t just a paid marketing list, nor do we guide designers at grass root level through the early stages of their career with training courses. Members of The Design Society are already proven and well-established designers who break down barriers in their respective fields, earning global recognition with their original and exciting bodies of work. If we work with them, they’re worth working with.

Likewise, our corporate members are companies who come highly recommended by our existing members, ensuring The Design Society is the only true who’s-who guide in the world of high-end interior design.

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