House of Chambery by Tailored Interior Inc

Tailored Interior Inc have been shortlisted for Residential Property Value £1 – 2.5 Million Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

House of Chambery is a full renovation project, where creativity and collaboration play major roles in the design and craftsmanship of this custom residence. The layered textures and design elements complement each feature of the home to create a breath-taking yet liveable result.

Inspired by the designer’s visit to London for The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019, Tailored Interior Inc re-evaluated her design approach to push the boundaries of her capabilities. House of Chambery was driven by the experience of acknowledging global design, with influences from London’s own culture, beauty, and magic in the architecture and visual design of the city.

Tailored Interior Inc

The entire home is custom designed and crafted by Tailored Interior Inc. The entrance to the property boasts custom 3D raised millwork doors, and guiding the eye across the two levels is stand-out railings, designed as a ‘never seen before’ feature. Throughout the home is restored and refurbished 100 percent natural and pure maple floors which can be seen being incorporated alongside custom marble slabs for natural, layered textures. The kitchen is the heart of this home, where many elements come together to complement each individual feature. The monochromatic scheme drives a sophisticated atmosphere, and with the added metallic and marble touches, and Tailored Interior Inc’s playful approach to shapes and textures, this area is both luxurious and functional.

Tailored Interior Inc

Though Tailored Interior Inc used this project to explore and expand her design ideas, the house also had to remain functional and family friendly. Comfort was always in the foreground of the approach and was never compromised for design. Rather, these were the two key pillars of the home and collaborate smoothly together; design was not compromised for comfort.

Tailored Interior Inc

Tailored Interior Inc

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