Congratulations to HWCD shortlisted for Luxury Residence £1-2.5 Million – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that HWCD have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence £1-2.5 Million – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019.

Capital Horizon is located in Tianjin, China and Hebei District has been the industrial zone for many years in Tianjin. The target customer for this project was the city elite group, also the interior design aim was to focus on the urban elites style as mainly use the constructivism design technique. The key words for Capital Horizon are simple, elegant and calm and the design team tried to find the spatial balance in the living space. To achieve that, the most important thing is to keep the colour tone at very simple and neutral stage. The dominant colour is beige and light brown, which gives the living room a warm atmosphere and make people feel welcomed at first sight.


Regarding to the selection of materials, the designer team decided to use natural materials like wood, marble and fabric. With a creative combination, all the different materials blend together in the space and present an organic and sophisticate feel. Since the constructivism style emphasizes on the movement within the space, the design also added some decoration lines and symmetric graph on the wall and furniture. The design also considered functional aspects, for instance the storage space and multi-functional area in the study room which can also be used as multimedia space.


The overall interior design aims to build a new era of sophistication lifestyle for the city’s elite group and provide them with more living choices. For this interior, the designers keep the structure and colours at a very simple pace yet still create a modern and sophisticate living space. The design works so well as a result of marring various materials to build a space with warm atmosphere. The constructivism is about simple but elegant design and gives the space with movement. They design fits into the wider environment as the project is located in the Hebei District in Tianjin, which is one of the industrial economic region within the city. And people living and working around this area are mostly city elite group, the interior design also fits the social elites environment.



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