Lavo Singapore by ICRAVE

ICRAVE have been Shortlisted for Restaurant – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

Lavo Singapore is a modern take on a classic Italian bistro perched on top of the roof of Marina Bay Sands. Stepping into LAVO Singapore is like stepping into a century’s old classic Italian Bistro with exposed brick and tobacco stained plaster but perched atop the modern, architectural marvel that is Marina Bay sands. The space is anchored with two bars, one inside and one outside, which allows for cocktails and views through-out the space. The warm enveloping space seamlessly changes from lunch, to sultry dinner, to a full-on energetic nightlife lounge.

With the restaurant being perched 57 stories up on a rooftop that looks just like a spaceship, the challenge was how to make the space feel like it had the richness of a bistro that had been there for 100 years, but didn’t feel out of place in a location that was so modern. Another challenge was to design a beautiful restaurant that could switch to a vibrant nightlife lounge at the flick of a switch.

The key design aspect of the project was to frame the amazing view of Singapore inside the classic Italian bistro. The design works so well because of this juxtaposition; the fully appointed Italian bistro that looks like it could have been there for years and years on the roof of this bold and futuristic hotel building. It is like the restaurant was flown in from Italy itself and landed on top of the beautiful Marina Bay Sands.

The beauty of this design is that it does not fit into the wider environment. There really isn’t any ‘wider environment’ as this is perched on the floating spaceship that is the Marina Bay Sands rooftop. Specialist artisan skills were used throughout the project, with a custom ‘Instagram moment’ sculpture done by Ryan Hatch and ICRAVE, as well as custom painted/aged light fixtures, ceiling and walls.


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