ID&A Awards 2014: Marie Burgos Design Successfully Shortlisted.

design et al are pleased to announce that Marie Burgos Design have once again been successfully shortlisted with ‘Spice Warehouse’ in the Living Space – North & South America category in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014.


This open space has been designed to accommodate a perfect Tribeca city lifestyle for entertaining, relaxing and working. Built in 1895 as a spice trade warehouse, inspiration was present in each of the original features including the 13-foot high ceilings, brick walls, iron columns and arched windows. I took great pride in restoring and highlighting these stunning architectural features while transforming the space into a modern Tribeca city lifestyle haven.


The client desired a space respectful of the buildings original character with old-word charm and warmth. This request led to the research and purchase of furniture and accent pieces with their own unique history. For instance, the over-sized mirror was handcrafted out of salvaged wooden boat planks, the Indonesian coffee table is full of detailed charm, and the traditional milking stool has been re purposed as a side table.

 Spice Warehouse Tribeca Loft Master bathroom3

Purchasing all of the pieces for the home was only one step in the process of creating a peaceful and functional space. The other incredibly important task was establishing balance and harmony through the ancient techniques of Feng Shui.


I used light paint colours from the Benjamin Moore Decorators collection on the walls, white cabinets in the kitchen, and natural oak floors throughout the space to create a calming energy within the home I also focused my attention on freeing the floor plan of clutter to ensure the proper circulation of Chi energy. The Chi needs to move freely in order to nourish every area of your home and benefit your life. If the current energy meets blockages =, such as clutter, too many furniture pieces or a bad layout, the the Chi flow will be impeded, creating a detrimental effect for people living in the home.


The combination of the Feng Shui techniques and the design look the client was after together make this a beautiful home.