IDAIR GmbH announced as Sponsor of The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018

IDAIR Sponsor of Awards


Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, IDAIR develops, manufactures and supplies highly customisable Inflight Entertainment, Cabin Management Systems and Voice and Data Communications Solutions for VVIP and Head of State aircraft as well as tailored media, global operational support and engineering and certification services.

Since its establishment in 2011, IDAIR has added to their parent companies’ knowledge and expertise in the VIP market segment with awards and deliveries on more than 30 aircraft over multiple airframes and configurations including A320, A330, BBJ1/2, B747-400, B747-8, B777-200/300 and B787.



As an innovator in cabin experience, IDAIR’s system offers passengers and crew alike an unparalleled user environment. The intuitive User Interface allows full control of the cabin from terminals, handsets, monitors, in-seat touch screens, wall mounted touch screens, and tablets.

Designed around their customer’s lifestyle and expectations, passengers and crew should be in control no matter where they are within the aircraft.  The passenger facing mobile application allows users to simply stream favorite music, play a movie, lower the shades, and surf the internet all from a handheld device. They can also simply set the ambiance of the aircraft’s full spectrum colored lighting to always have the right scene for any moment. IDAIR’s mobile application also runs in crew mode from anywhere on the aircraft bringing instant high-end service that their passengers expect.



IDAIR views travel to be an extraordinary, luxurious, and comfortable experience. These are exquisite aircraft and the environment they offer must be the most innovative, easy-to-use and immersive experience.