Congratulations to Iggi Interior Design shortlisted for Living Space – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Iggi Interior Design have been shortlisted for Living Space – Global Award within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017.

Iggi Interior Design’s project is a 26,000-sq. ft. private residence of high profile Jordanian family. The family live between London and Amman and this is their main Amman residence. The client wanted to create a home that references the way in which they live in the UK. The family love contemporary art and together with Iggi Interior Design they commissioned, created and sourced a unique and eclectic range of contemporary art. The owners of the property both come from established families and as such, the designer was able to use some antique pieces which had been handed down through both families from generations ago. Culture played an important part in the design of this house and the interior designer paid attention to cultural references and customs that needed to be acknowledged.  Iggi Interior DesignThe design brief was to create a family home in Jordan that the children would love visiting and to include references to ‘Brit cool’ pop culture. The client wanted the designer to incorporate antique heirlooms into a modern family home. The client is heavily influenced by fashion and wanted this to come through in the design, on many occasions there are references to Vogue and other iconic fashion elements. The client is also extremely family orientated and this is quite unusual for a family of this profile, the entire design focused around family spaces they could interact in and spend time together. The client wanted family portraits in the house to create a family home environment.Iggi Interior DesignFavourite aspect of the project the mix of UK and middle eastern designs and art so at every corner there is a ‘wink’ to the UK. There are some art pieces that reference Lawrence of Arabia and this is because the owners grandfather featured in the film. The design works so well because of the bright, bold colour that you see throughout the project connects the vast spaces of the home. The crisp linens and plush velvets create a tactile experience. The patterns are really strong and bold and this works really well in the bright light of Amman.Iggi Interior DesignThe architecture seamlessly fits into the wider landscape. And the large windows and extensive balconies connect you at regular intervals to the outdoors and the wider surrounding environment. Interestingly, Iggi Interior Design used a local landscape graduate student based in Amman and this was his first project. This project is an excellent example of the strengths of international design; it proves that distance is not a problem or an obstacle.  Iggi Interior Design have stated that it was a pleasure to work within a different culture and with fabulous clients.

Iggi Interior Design