Imagine by Visionnaire

Visionnaire have been shortlisted for Seating Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

Designed to offer the utmost in both comfort and modern design, Imagine is a uniquely styled bergère armchair from Visionnaire. With a balanced composition, modern approach, and innovative design, Visionnaire offers an intriguing seating addition to the new Beauty collection.


With each collection, Visionnaire sets a style and creates a new language – each has a character of unexpected invention, formulated to reveal an expressive universe that knows no thematic bounds and places no restrictions on experimental investigation. The force of this way of interpreting an entrepreneurial mission lies in the ability to forge beyond limits, to extend the company’s action over the threshold of the possible, fulfilling desires and visions previously relegated to the realm of the unachievable. Visionnaire loves complexity, finding solutions through extreme research, bringing together distant worlds, and combining the multiple forms of art with the positive excitement found in the dimension of dreams. With Imagine, along with this year’s Beauty Collection, Visionnaire are challenging the distinction between art forms and product design.


Imagine is a bergère armchair; made of upholstering and cabinet-making processes, and created with a balanced composition. The lacquered wood structure with an almost abstract, dynamic shape seems to reassemble its exuberance through a reinforced leather belt, becoming a tensor and armrest at the same time. The body, stretched in angular geometries, allows for optimal comfort, and excellent support for relaxation and reading. Imagine’s design represents a sense of modern aesthetic and ergonomic well-being that comes from distant sensations and memories, brought to life through delicate furnishing harmonies.


The new Visionnaire collection has been titled Beauty; a word with an intense, multifaceted meaning. Besides indicating an outlook of positive energy and hope, the contemporary beauty narrated by Visionnaire sums up an attitude, that of creating extraordinary, unique projects and objects.


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