Imperial Park Duplex Penthouse Shenzhen by Shenzhen Trinity Interior Design

Shenzhen Trinity Interior Design have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Asia Pacific Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

Based on a new understanding of luxury, the design expresses thinking on returning to life in a perspective of contemporary aesthetics. It focuses on comfortable living environment, emphasizes on spiritual enlightenment, and displays natural and innocent humanities at the core through elegance and spectacle.

The soft grayish white tone combines with dark and light wooden colors, outlined by black metal, elegant and chic. With the light coming in, transition of different materials and exquisite joint details, the whole space provides a low-key serenity to maximize the natural beauty. It is calming and tranquil space to return to after seeing all the bustling in the outside world, this is the reason that such cool and calming colours were used throughout. The penthouse oversees world-class bay view and absorbs the extraordinariness into the heart.

The high ceiling in the living room brings in magnificence, and the long private balcony over 20 meters incorporates hill, sea, sunshine and the warmth of home. The Full-length window extends infinitely, and the clean lines, simple finish and natural material highlight the whole space. Between openness and privacy, all flows are delicately arranged.

There is no excessiveness inside the space. Instead, simple but multi-layer materials are used to create quiet and introvert ambience. In a certain dimension, the “inaction” advocated by Chinese Daoism shares the same meaning with “Less Is More” by western modernism architecture. It looks like being set up carelessly, but naturally. It is wise and free, coordinated and eternal.

The design must be casting a profound insight to interdependence between human beings, nature and art, so that the interior and the outdoors can coexist and create comfortable and natural Spaces. This is how the design easily integrates into the wider environment.

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