Imperial Park by Kris Lin International

Kris Lin International have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Asia Pacific Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020.

The Biggest changes to the property were made in the main open planed living area, this area features a designed western kitchen breakfast table, forming a symmetrical dimensional feeling with the table. The Sitting room and dining-room are in same space, in the sitting room high-rises carry empty to take advantage of the views and the crystal lamp that hang within the space creates a depth to the space. The child reading area of the sitting room side weaves the metallic partition that crisscross on the vision.

In the master bedroom, a separate open makeup space is added for the hostess; the separate cloakroom in the bedroom, the left and right cloakrooms are specially placed for the male and female owner’s clothing. The main mirror light is treated with stainless steel and lamp strips, and the diffuse light source of the sink is the best interpretation of the contrast. The bathtub is oriented to the location of the river, host can lie in the bathtub and enjoy the river view.

The design is unique yet classic, it is theme with costly style, this was achieved by removing the heavy and complicated modelling of traditional style and blend in new subtle elements. The use of various textures and materials help to built the outline for the feel of a classic yet modern design.

In order to highlight the biggest advantage of this project which is the fact that it falls on the bank of Shenzhen Bay, a large number of floor-to-ceiling windows have be used to make the most of the beautiful river scene in the design scheme. The placement direction of the sitting room furniture also accentuate this and make it a real feature, the sofa is the best position that appreciates river scene, the advantage that highlights river scene building.

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