Indio da Costa AUDT & In Flight Solutions Shortlisted for the First Class Lounge Award

design et al is delighted to announce shortlist success for Indio da Costa AUDT & In Flight Solutions in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. The In Flight Solutions = VIP Star Alliance Lounge will compete in the First Class Lounge Award.

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With interior design by Brazil’s Indio da Costa AUDT and architecture from Rafaela Macedo, the ln Flight Solutions = Star Alliance VIP Lounge incorporate the key design philosophy and identity of Star Alliance, delivering a memorable customer experience.

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Star Alliance wanted a very Brazilian Concept where passengers could relax in a special place and not in atmosphere similar to an airplane, an office or any cold living. Through extensive research, Indio da Costa AUDT acknowledge that clients want a homely feel – a warm place that could relieve feelings of stress and tension.

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Without using an easy approach of traditional luxury items to create the project, Indio da Costa AUDT decided to utilise the heritage of Brazilian craftsmanship. After this first step, the second approach was to be organic and fluid and with a diverse range of kind of woods, textures, natural material furniture, tiles, raw strings, but always ensuring excellence and comfort of each piece. Cultural and representative of Brazil, The ln Flight Solutions = Star Alliance VIP Lounge is provides a sense of sophistication to the VIP traveller.

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There is also a string tunnel, big fixtures and a huge wood panel to enrich the experience, as it was important not to interfere with the airport ceiling. With walls made of real river stones, the spacious toilets and baths with showers are behind this wooden panel.

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All of the amenities are available for customers in this VIP Lounge – ensuring a tranquil and enjoyable stay before travelling to their destination. /