Inter-Arch Architekci

Warsaw Residence of Art and Music Lovers by Inter-Arch Architekci

Inter-Arch Architekci have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Europe Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

With a warm and elegant ambience flowing throughout, personalised, custom designed furniture in every room and lighting that sets the tranquil tone – the calming, luxurious yet functional Interior Design Scheme is prominent throughout this property. Located in Wilanów – a historical residential district in Warsaw, this residential project was designed by Inter-Arch Architekci.

Inter-Arch Architekci

The key design aspect was to create new, functional and open spaces that would help improve family relationships, the clientele being a young family. Throughout the design process, the lighting of the property was a vital design element for Inter-Arch Architekci, with appropriate lighting being used to highlight and emphasise the profile and structure of the different materials used. The use of luxurious, natural materials helps to create a warm and elegant ambience which flows throughout the property, setting the tranquil mood. Inter-Arch Architekci custom designed, personalised elements to add individuality to the property and give it a sense of uniqueness. The interior decor detailing in the artwork and the furniture are beautifully intricate and unique to the young family’s personality.

Inter-Arch Arhcitekci

Inter-Arch Architekci have used a variety of furnishings, fixtures and hidden functions throughout the property which allow for maximum efficiency and practicality in every room.  All furniture is custom made, with stone being the prominent material throughout, with stone walls, stone cabinets, stone lamps etc. The design also uses materials such as leather and upholstered walls, handmade works on balustrade using metaloplastic and custom-made lamps, tying back in with the lighting.

Inter-Arch Architekci

Inter-Arch Architekci believe that awards, like The International Design & Architecture Awards, oblige them to understand that their work does not end with beauty or customer satisfaction. They feel their responsibility is their client’s quality of life and their understanding and perception of space. Throughout this residential project, Inter-Arch Architekci have worked with, and listened to their clients to create an open, functional and family appropriate space, with a beautifully designed, elegant aesthetic flowing through each room.

Inter-Arch Architekci

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