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Boutique Hotel Style – A Symphony of Ideas Brought to Life

Boutique Hotel Style is the most recent challenge Interior Store designers have received. The design concept proposed by our designers started right from the hotel’s name – “Style.” With an interior design focused on details, the project harmoniously combines five design styles: Classic, Modern, Art Deco, Mediterranean and Oriental, which provide each of the 10 suites of the boutique hotel a unique atmosphere and a personalized approach.

Interior Store designers offer through the Boutique Hotel Style project the perspective of one of the most exclusive hotels in the area that preserves the region’s historic charm. The large apartments are decorated in unique styles and are named according to the predominant influences found in each of them. The gradual, subtle, transition from one culture to another is accomplished, floor by floor, by the robust staircase, which contributes significantly to the completion of a symphony of modern comfort and invincible classic style, in order to create a lasting experience.

Boutique Hotel Style is more than an oasis designed for total relaxation, it is a fascinating experience of refinement that tends to perfection.

As a sign of appreciation towards the interior design art, each room is furnished and decorated with carefully selected pieces, signed by some of the most elegant and inspired designers.


“Blast from the Past” Suites – Classic Design

Here you will find a delicate, cordial, atmosphere, plus a pinch of “joie de vivre” that makes elegance rhyme with relaxation. A refined style abounds in details that are found in the structure of the furniture, lighting and decorative accessories.

The furniture and the natural materials used for interior decorations – such as lacquered wood, leather and textiles decorated with flowers, vegetables, complemented by leitmotifs of various elements drawn from historical eras, personalize each room and apartment, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The bedroom is provided with an enclosed SPA area, separated from the sleeping area by a partial wall.


“Now ForEver” Suites – Modern Design

This style is a form of extreme precision and refined flexibility, a framework in which the accent falls upon simplicity and the colors used emphasize the schematic concepts. The pieces of furniture are have geometric shapes – square, rectangular, round, and the surfaces are clean.

Based on a mix of comfort and chic and functional design, the “Now ForEver” Suites reflect a relaxing environment, supported by the newest technology, and they are the ideal setting for those guests in search of luxury items translated into the concepts of modern and comfortable.

With a generous overview of the old town area, perfect functionality and comfort are the defining elements of these two original apartments designed in a modern style.


“Inspire” Suites – Art Deco Design

The Art Deco Suites are designed in a very glamorous and elegant style, where the furniture’s shapes and colors, such as black, white and strong violet, are striking and bold, with a lot of contrasts, highlighted by symmetry and balance.

The theatrical, flowing curves of the decorations help to soften the space, emphasizing a strong and bold project approach.


“Breeze” Suites – Mediterranean Design

Creating a nature-like marine interior environment, the Mediterranean design style offers a relaxing atmosphere, where the focus stands on elegance and naturalness, provided by simplicity and warm coloring.

Specific details, depicting cultural and nature elements turn the interior space into an absolute oasis, governed by light wooden furniture, patterned tiles, stucco walls and bright textiles.


“Sultania” Suites – Oriental Design

The Sultania Suites are a sumptuous design framing, inspired by one of the most proeminent historical background of the region. The luxurious rooms recall the majesty of the Sultans’s lives in the Ottoman Empire, brought to life by antique rugs and tapestry, vintage cushions, „dressed-up” in colorful velvet and silk.

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