IPD Awards 2014: Design Intervention Signature Series achieve further Shortlist success with their Curvature Lamp

Design Intervention Signature Series achieve further Shortlist success at the International Product Design Awards. Their ‘Curvature Lamp’ has been selected for the Lighting Category. Designed by Nikki Hunt of Design Intervention, The ‘Curvature Lamp’ is part of the ‘Sentosa Collection’. Inspired, largely by Sentosa ocean-front living, this range has become popular in our urban homes too due to its sleek elegant design. The weather resilient stainless steel allows it to be used in homes which are subject to harsh marine elements and where items that are plated, such as nickel and chrome, will often tarnish over time. The design itself evokes Art Deco with a modern edge. The twisted sinuous bands of steel create a fishtail and the steel shade gives an unexpected contemporary touch, but still remains a timeless , classic piece. It is often a mistake to think that stainless steel can only be used in a minimalist space – infact it sparkles in the light and the bright reflective quality give a lightness and sense of space to any room.




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