IPD Awards 2014: Design Intervention Signature Series Shortlisted for the Flooring Award

Product Name: The Dragon Rug

Designer: Design Intervention Signature Series

Design Intervention Signature Series ‘Dragon Rug’ has been successfully Shortlisted for the International Product Design Award’s Flooring Award. This bespoke rug was created for a client born in the year of the dragon. The client, who is a resident in Singapore, wanted a home with a modern glamour theme but one that would was enriched with Chinese motifs that reflect the heritage and culture of Singapore. The circular shape emphasizes the cycle of the Chinese zodiac and is typical of the Chinese zodiac chart.


The central theme of the rug is taken from a traditional Chinese dragon motifs, so personalizing the rug for the client. We have refreshed the traditional design through our choice and combination of vivid colour tones, so transforming a heritage design into one that is relevant today.