IPD Awards 2014: Saffron Interior Arts Achieve Shortlist Success

design et al are pleased to announce that Saffron Interior Arts have been successfully shortlisted in the Table category in the International Product Design Awards 2014.



Robert Kuo’s Brass Repousse Table is a decorative piece which perfectly illustrates the traditional art of hand-hammering decorative relief onto sheet metal. As one of the oldest Chinese decorative furniture techniques (the technique originated around 800BC between Asia and Europe, and in Chinese historical context, it began as early as the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD220), Robert Kuo wanted to bring the technique into the 21st Century The technique, which involves using a hammer and various shaping tools on both sides of the sheet metal was applied to a decorative side table. Chase work is often used in combination with repousse for accentuating and refining the design.


The process of hand-chasing metal begins with mallet blows at the center of the sheet metal, continuing out to the edges, never striking the same spot twice. Hand chasing shapes and forms metal without fundamentally altering its nature. The process hardens the metal, making it less plastic. The metal is then heated and worked until properly formed. The brass finish of this elegant small side table beautifully reflects the light and emits a soft glow, reminiscent of water during a sunset.