Congratulations to The Silk Gallery, winner of the Fabric Award in The International Product Design Awards 2014

design et al are pleased to announce that The Silk Gallery successfully won the Fabric Award in The International Product Design Awards 2014. Thumbnail

Inspiration for The Safari Collection was the result of a trip in January 2014 to the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This unique African landscape with its prodigious wildlife and unique floodplains left a lasting impression. Walking through these vast plains, the game viewing is spectacular. The designs “Elephant” and “Giraffe” attempt to show these animals as they appeared in the wild – majestic but utterly at peace with their surroundings. The herds of Zebra roaming the land are depicted in “Stampede”.

Hippos weave their way through the papyrus swamps cutting swirling trails, hence the design “Delta trail”. These waterways are home to hundreds of lilies on which brightly coloured kingfishers can often be found – hence “Water lily”.And finally, “Jungle Fern” and “Fan Palm” are reminiscent of some of the over 5000 species of flora to be found in this region.

Zebra Stampede

The mixed use of silk, flax and linen yarns seemed appropriate here. The flax for texture and warmth and strength, the linen for a dry feel, and finally silk for the reflection of the African sun.