IPD Awards 2014: William Pedersen Designs Secure Shortlist Success

design et al are delighted to announce that William Pedersen Designs have been successfully shortlisted in the Seating Category in the International Product Design Awards 2014.

Pedersen_Chairs_4_15_14 40476 copy


The chairs are formed by taking a single loop of 5/8″ high strength tubular steel and passing one end of the loop through the other and the seat and back of the chair is made of a non-elastic knit polyester fabric, which stretches through geometric deformation. Structurally, this stretching requires the frame to act in compression while the fabric acts in tension. The clarity of this symbiotic relationship between the compression part and the tension part generates the essence of the chair’s visual drama.

 Pedersen_Chairs_4_15_14 40481 copy

CNC lateral benders make possible the complex geometry of the frame. The completion of the passing of one loop end thru the other creates an object with three points of support. A fourth point is generated by lifting the center of the lower loop creating two supporting points out of one.

“With these chairs I sought to create a synthesis of my visual sensibilities. They embody the playfulness of a dancer leaping into space or a runner poised at the starting block straining to explode into motion.”