Isola Linear From Toyo.

For those whose strengths do not lie in engineering or architecture, a cantilever is “an architectural structure comprising a beam fixed at one end and free at the other”. A diving board is a perfect example of a cantilever, and Toyo Kitchen’s latest Isola kitchen is certainly one to dive into!


Like something from the catwalk, this is probably not something you would want installed in your home (unless you live in an art gallery) but more that you may want to take ideas from. The lack of light may leave you with fewer fingers and the expensive looking artwork on the wall may lose its value quicker than you can say “Bon Appetite”, but the illusion of weightlessness is truly incredible. The hob counter and hood float like blocks from a game of Tetras and the floral mosaic patterns add a touch of style. Take a look and you may just find something that will make your latest design spectacular…

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