JARKEN project ‘pop-up cafe by pye’ Shortlisted for the Retail Space Award

JARKEN gain a Shortlist spot in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015 Retail Space category. The brief was to design a pop-up project that is part cafe and part installation art, fusing design and artisanship in fun and playful ways, to commemorate a Thailand interior magazine’s tenth anniversary. The design concept is based on an idea to create exceptional exhibiting space for people to hang-out and enjoy visual art and objects in an atmosphere where they could chill out.


This limited area dedicated for 60 people welcomes guests and their friends to share gourmet cuisines and drinks. We create the pop-up café through the concept of Installation Art “Seamless Insertion” illustrating ambiances of naughty, fun, bright, exotic, and restfully comfortable. The idea was to blend art to and within living space. Seamless Insertion was the design platforms that connects flows of art in the same way that life should flow freely within living space. The areas are seamlessly separated in to 9 zones, each of which distinctly illustrate decoration and pattern of designs reflecting artisan living with its own interpretation through an eye of our designer. Our layout plan illustrated a golden section or “phi” ratio, employed and represented area’s connectivity. The solution is a common mathematical ratio found in nature applied to create pleasing, natural looking compositions in the design.


“Pretty in Pink” represents an attempt to recollect the vivaciously eras of the film and music from the 80s inspired by the US West Coast. We create an ambience to bring back again the vibrant of the periods with different shades of sparking pink and oranges.

“My Favorite Icon” represents one’s own definition of interior design, perhaps costly expensive items are not just, a few favorite pieces of it more than enough.

“Fantastic Classic” portrays beautiful, timeless pieces of classic furniture ranges, marble patterned wallpaper matching – white, black were mixed and placed a look tastefully remarkable. “Pattern Play” plays with matching patterned wallpaper and its charismatic charms. The designer’s area was inspired by the fashionable fabric, something changed from plain and dull feeling into a stylish and exciting allure in the blink of an eye!

“Art Effects” creates a touch for people to enjoy the musical mood by selecting the style ceramic sculpture pop art with different shapes that would put a smile on your face.


“The New Tradition” inspired by traditional Chinese furniture a new look that remains unchanged, we adds a charming touch of shiny metallic shades perceived through the placement of one set in traditional style to brighten the whole room that look elegant in the colors of green, orange, coral, black and silver.

“Library” Zone of knowledge about design inspired decor. Filled with catalogs and brochures on various decorative design items placed tidily on the specially designed shelf complimented by atmosphere of calmness and comfort.

“Modern Art” Extracting from representative colors from the booming eras. Fresh blue tone lightened this fascinating areas. We then select furniture with modern clean lines that is perfectly immaculate to add attentiveness to the overall ambience.

“Jungle Fever” is created with an atmosphere of open spaces and fresh-looking by the exquisiteness of these tropical plants bloom. We contrast this emotional nature to become a bit more attractive with a prearrangement of the outdoor woven furniture.