Jarken shortlisted for Asia-Pacific £2.5-5 Million award with Bangkok residence

Jarken have been further shortlisted in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015. This time with a residential property, ‘House of 5’ in Bangkok, which has gained a place in the Asia-Pacific Residential £2.5-5 Million (project value) category. A modern contemporary residence with architectural concept of how to turn bricks and mortar into domestic ecstasy based simply on a story of 5 lives bonded together through a series of event and intriguing discovery.

KLD-051 (Custom)

The interior architect inlets the impressions from the client’s brief and materialize into five concepts – Intimacy, Simplicity, Memory, Luxury, Privacy, each of which outlines the features contributing to the development of each. While separating the main wing of the residence came about as a result of changing attitudes to privacy, connecting open-walkway to main living have mainly been propelled by deep family values of simplicity and bonding. Wall features such as painting and art pieces came about in response to revitalization thoughts about journey down their memory lane.

KLD-030 (Custom)

The structure of the design allows its inhabitants to dip into glimpse of luxury and revisit its juicy bits throughout the space. The designer also turned cookery from a must-have into an art of living. The space exchanges forms of memory through silent circulation. Contrasting forms that follows functions, the architect and designer allow mind’s eye to reconnect singularity of space into shrewd combination of seclusion and affection through interior architect of illusions using angles and shapes of mirrors.

KLD-077 (Custom)

The residence is not the client’s first and it surely won’t be the last. The client’s personal belief that lives bear story to tell when re-connected into one single space. Every single object in the house therefore has its own important story to tell. It’s the little things that define member of 5 in the family as individuals and help them piece together the intricate puzzle of their own memory in the making.

KLD-050 (Custom)

This 700 Square Metre urban hideaway residence is designed into 2 main quarters; a 2-floor private building for the parents containing super-master bedroom and luxurious suite bathroom connecting with sky garden and 3-story the family wing that consists of semi-outdoor tropical foyer, main dining, main living and library on the 2nd floor and 3 bedrooms on the 3rd floor. The adjacent under-level is also a sun-pavilion for general purpose, relaxing or party.


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