JARKEN shortlisted in Lighting Scheme category

design et al are pleased to announce that JARKEN and their ‘Royal Lotus Chandelier’ have been Shortlisted for the Lighting Scheme Award.

The idea and inspiration of this hand-crafted chandelier came from the client’s corporate identity “Lotus”. Lotus is a simple with subtle strength flower within its simplicity. The designer exemplify it a little further. This design is meant to convey fluidity and dynamic of energy and power from within the space leading to an inner of the client’s organization. It has been design to mimic the flower’s movement and delicacy by being able to open and close as it lit up through lighting schemes. Lotus lamp “recess” petals are made out of gold plated laminated glass to allow a textured translucency to come through.


The shape and form of this most exquisite piece manufacture specifically to compliment the conference table and atmosphere of the branded interior space in a similar concept. The lighting control is designed to allow for the lamp to be turned on even in its close from electronically. LED Light is set to gradually shrine from the center of the table and onto the ceiling slab just like the blooming of the flower. With an arrangement of different sizes and colours the Lotus chandelier can create a fantastical atmosphere in any space.

The client focus on corporate image and core business in agricultural. The fundamental idea and core concept behind having a ‘corporate image’ is that everything the company does, everything it owns and everything it produces should reflect the values and aims of the business as a whole. The product should speak for itself and for the client.