Jennifer Brouwer Design Shortlisted for a Residential £1-2.5M (Project by Value) Award

design et al are please to announce that Jennifer Brouwer Design has been shortlisted for a Residential £1-2.5 Million (Project by Value) Award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

This renovation project was devised to make a city home feel more like a cottage, with the addition of wheelchair accessibility installations. The owner is a busy CEO who will live here with is family. The property includes a full walk out basement with full kitchen, family room, dining room, games area, living space, guest room, bathroom and sauna.


Jennifer told design et al: “My favourite aspects of this project are the thousands of intertwined details; too many to count, all coming together to make up a beautiful moasic of style that I have fallen in love with. If I had to pick one thing as my absolute favourite it would be the ceilings!” She added: “It’s my opinion that the design works so well because of the level of customization and attention made the family’s dream home feel both like a home and a retreat at the same time – while being fully wheelchair accessible.” As well as stylish and inviting, this country home in the heart of the city is designed to envoke a rustic air usually only found in the depths of rural countryside. The décor has been filled with holistic materials and earthy tones with a palette of creamy neutrals, autumn reds and the warming hue of natural wood. Clean lines compliment to manage the little details that aim to delight the observing guest such as the cow hide ottomons or the copper tub that doubles as storage for throws and blankets. Accessories were carefully chosen with the brief in mind, unique organic fingerprints of the classic countryside home.


Entertainment is made easy with an open plan design that gives flows right through, from the walk in wine cellar to the barn door inspired television unit that hides unnecessary distractions from social occasions. The kitchen island defines the space, painted in farmhouse red and topped with a solid wood counter it contrasts against the backdrop of kitchen units in traditional whites and the tiled splashback in soft heathery grey. Light and airy without losing the cosiness every country kitchen should have, the kitchen island is lined with three wooden stools capped with studded white cushions to invite comfort and conversation with plenty of room for all to partake. Over the kitchen island hangs and iron wrought chandelier as a beautiful floating centrepiece, providing an intimate glow over the organic heart of the home.

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Jennifer Brouwer Design