Jet Aviation Shortlisted for the IY&A Awards 2014

Jet Aviation has reached the shortlist for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014 with their Visionary concept for a V.I.P. private Boeing 787 aircraft interior.


The Visionary concept replaces strict linear forms with free-flowing ones. Architecture is reduced to a minimum, removing all but the essential furniture elements, themselves not attached to the exterior frame, but having an appearance of being stand-alone constructs within the space. It is often a challenge to be truly innovative within aviation interior design, however this visionary interior does not tempt its potential clients with unrealistic dreams, but provides a very real glimpse of how an interior could look, whether this would be for a client’s next aircraft, or for an aircraft in several years’ time.


Jet Aviation Design Studio has created a luxurious cabin interior design for a wide-body aircraft. They took on a design brief to create a timeless, inspirational, feasible aircraft interior design, that would appeal to a wide market audience. To achieve a visualization of what was possible in terms of design not only today, but also in the future, this eye-catching interior was created, using the additional challenge of the new B787 airframe in which to design. The brief was to visualize the most creative use of space, showing the changing use of private aircraft today. Of importance was to show not only the aesthetic beauty of a private aircraft interior, but to also give particular regard to technically feasible design solutions.


The interior takes open plan living to a new dimension in aviation interior design and features an open plan lounge and dining area fully equipment with flexible galley and cooking facilities, two guest suites and master bedroom, bathroom and dressing suite. Within over 200 square metres of cabin space, an interior which is usually designed for over 200 passengers in airliner configuration has been designed for just 19 guests, to create a truly luxury private interior.

The Visionary design has been created to inspire customers with futuristic cabin interior creation. The Design Studio developed this very unique design approach to illustrate the journey in creating a classic, visionary design concept that may provide a glimpse into the future of cabin interior design, particularly as aircraft manufacturers increasingly introduce lightweight airframes of composite structures.


By designing with the aircraft in mind, the Jet Aviation Design Studio has created a unique design which is as functional as it is beautiful. An interior reflecting classic elegance while providing a glimpse into the future. The result of this concept is exceptionally harmonious, highlighting comfort in the air, in order to take the audience on an aviation interior design journey.

“The Design Studio at Jet Aviation Basel is dedicated to the creative process in designing bespoke and unique interiors to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations,” says Elisabeth Harvey, head of the Jet Aviation Design Studio.