JM Designs Shortlisted for the IY&A Awards 2014

JM Designs has been shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014 in the Private Aviation Interior Design category with their project, MU2 Marquis.

131008-LBX-MU2-General View FWD

MU2 Marquis interior design incorporates modern styling in a small cabin, utilizing elements of the aircraft to the design’s advantage. An aircraft enthusiast/owner approached JM Designs and wanted a unique sporty interior created for an MU2 turbo prop aircraft. The owner of the aircraft had a desire to create something totally different for this small corporate prop jet. JM Designs was up to the challenge and began generating styling concepts that illustrated this, taking it from a production aircraft to a future looking design that surpasses leading edge designs of today, embracing the limiting aspects of designing a small interior.

131008-LBX-MU2-General View AFT

Some of the challenges for this interior included creating a modern and useful interior given the limited space and taking into account maximum passenger count. The design features that really make this aircraft unique are the seat styling, using the existing seat frames, and Audi inspired styling, they were able to create a unique look that matched the client’s desires while retaining seat frames that are certified with the aircraft. The other element that pulls the overall design together is the stretched sweeping sideledges that blend into the side facing back cushions of the centrally located two place divan.

131008-LBX-MU2-Divan View

Mr. Murphy’s philosophy is “form follows function”. This is an excellent example of taking an interior and converting it into a beautiful piece of art, all while utilizing and taking advantage of the inert elements of the aircraft. Reusing the certified elements of the interior saves the client time and money. The owner should not have to sacrifice style and design due to the limitations of the aircraft structure or original equipment installed on the aircraft. Creating a flowing design offers an interior that’s easy to move through and provides the space required to accommodate the passengers. Taking the aircraft limitations and design requirements into account early in the design process will better allow the final interior to match the initial desires of the owner in the completed interior.