Johannes Budde

C1 – Lounge Chair by Johannes Budde

Johannes Budde has been Shortlisted for  Seating Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The C1 Lounge Chair is the synthesis of a minimalist, timeless form and an adaptable seating system – designed for modern flexibility. With its subtle yet elegant appearance, C1 fits into different contexts with great ease: Like a sculpture, it enriches fashion boutiques, hotel lobbies or private living rooms.

Johannes Budde

C1 is part of a series of furniture whose formal language is developed from the hand drawing of a single line. Reminiscent of calligraphy, the intuitively created form is an interplay between drawing and physical object, between concept and reality. The process of intuitive form-finding to create a functional object leads to a symbiosis of form and function. In the realisation of the two-dimensional drawing, the design takes on a third dimension which, depending on your perspective, seems to convert back into two-dimensionality.

Johannes Budde

The frame is made of recycled steel and will be available in three powder-coated colour combinations. To ensure both technical and aesthetic longevity, great importance has been placed on an easy exchangeability of the acrylic seat shells – made of 100%-recycled PMMA waste and also being available in various colour and material combinations. Due to the slight flexibility of the clamps that attach the backrest to the frame, the chair is adaptable to different body shapes in order to provide comfort.

Johannes Budde

Carefully thought-out design details and fine material finishes augment the sensuality of the form. Since the steel frame does not require any drill holes, it retains its sculptural appeal even without its seat shells. Within the development process of the C1 Lounge Chair, emphasis has been equally placed on the pleasant aesthetics of the design as well as on sustainability requirements. The design should meet contemporary standards but being timeless at the same time to ensure longevity.

The design benefits from its vitality which originates from intuitive hand drawing, this results in an organic form that is particularly pleasant to the viewer’s eyes. Depending on the perspective, the design seems to vary between two and three-dimensionality which gives it a special character.

Johannes Budde

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