Karatas Yacht Design Shortlisted for the IY&A Awards 2014

design et al are pleased to announce shortlist success for Karatas Yacht Design in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014. MERLIN will compete for the Sailing Yacht Award.


Featuring a good blend of futuristic lines with tradition and well integrated interior & exterior spaces, MERLIN is a smooth sailing yacht for long cruises. In his designs, Ibrahim Karatas succeeds in creating a well balanced concept of a traditional look with state of the art comfort & performance.


Karatas’ sailing vessels look like typical traditional gulets, but these are actually of a much higher standard. They are strong, light and very good sailors. Under the engine they provide very economic and fast cruising speeds whilst creating no waves and no noise on board. The owner of Merlin distinguished the subtle differences of these from traditional boats, then approached Ibrahim Karatas to design a new one for him.


When the team first met with the “Architect” owner of the vessel, the brief concept was to create a sailing yacht that has all the benefits of Karatas’ past designs plus 360 degree visibility and different lines on the superstructure. In fact, the request was for “the same interior and deck space of a similar sized motor yacht”.


When designing, the team focused on having fluent lines on the superstructure which help to reduce the height whilst giving an all-round view from the main saloon. There is no crowding but perfect comfort in every corner, the whole layout is almost transparent. She sails perfectly under all wind conditions by the ease of hydraulic equipment.