KBS Residence by Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design

Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design have been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £50,000 award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Nickolas Gurtler interior design were approached by a young professional couple who had bought a narrow parcel of land to develop their dream home on. They engaged Nickolas Gurtler from the beginning where they worked with their draftsperson to design every detail of this home. Both members of the couple wanted a home that felt contemporary with masculine elements that was functional specific to their way of life.

Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design

The clients wanted a home that had personality but one that didn’t shout, a home that was both bold yet refined. They were open to going on a design journey with the team, to discover materials, furniture, lighting and art that they had never seen before and to learn about the world of design.

Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design

The kitchen was incredibly successful as it fit the brief in terms of the contemporary yet masculine elements that the client has asked for and due to the kitchen being the heart of the kitchen this helped set the tone for the rest of the space. This kitchen was also among some of the first dark kitchens in the area and was inspired by the night sky.

There is incredible cohesion between all the spaces and a clear sense of harmony as you move from space to space. It’s also incredibly functional and tailored to the client’s unique way of life. This is important as when designing a home it is vital that it works for the client.

Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design

It is uniquely Australian and personifies the Australian way of living but at the same time has elements of French and Belgian contemporary architecture which contributes to a wordliness and global identity.

The specialist skills and artisan that were used in the design and creation of the project were the Custom steelwork and custom joinery in particular, as well as hand finished timberwork.

Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design

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