Congratulations to Keane Brands who have been shortlisted for Restaurant – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2018

design et al are delighted to announce that Keane Brands have been shortlisted for Restaurant – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2018.

The overall brief was to design the most exquisite cocktail bar unlike anything seen before in Dubai. A massive golden sculpture reminiscent of a golden nugget hangs above the bar. The shimmering textured walls, combination of bronze and gold metals, lighting effects and even dark parquet flooring with gold dust ingrained are all part of modern interpretation of Arabic luxury inspired by the riches and surrounding landscapes of Dubai, a place to showcase some of the world’s most exquisite cocktails.

Keane Brands

Keane Brands answered the brief with a design that would not only appeal to the exuberance of the guests, but to become one of the must-see sights of Dubai. A showcase for the then, world only 7* hotel, which will only be shown true with its success. It is gold and brash, and a true destination for all traveling to or living in Dubai. The giant, smelted gold nugget above the bar is a true focal.

There were many specialist skills involved in the making of this project but the creation of the crystal lighting by Preciosa and BW’s intricate skills in making the gold nugget stand out above most.

Keane Brands

Putting aside the gravity of the brief, the execution of the fit out was one fraught with technicalities and divine engineering. Each of the gold elements was inspired by gold metal in various states, be it smelting, shimmering surfaces, nuggets or rigid jewelry-like forms. Each of these would create a challenge of it’s own, not only in ways of engineering, but there afterwards in the maintenance of the pieces so that they always look as good as when the venue first opened. All of this was achieved with a variety of fiberglass, styrofoam and coated polyurethane, gold foiling, sculpted around MEP and integrated lighting. The largest element over the bar, the “gold nugget”, was of such a size and importance, that it could only be done in collaboration with a local 3D fabricator of architectural and landscape sculptures.

Keane Brands

The success of the attention to detail followed by the fit-out teams, along side the designers have created a truly remarkable bar, befit of the brief and client with the highest expectation.

Keane Brands

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