King Class by Harmony World Consultant & Design

Harmony World Consultant & Design have been shortlisted for Living Space Asia Pacific Award in The International Design and Architecture 2021.

The design inspiration comes from the city itself in Xi’an. Because Xi’an is a city where ancient and modern cultures blend. When you walk in the streets of Xi’an, you will feel the strong power and shock brought by historical relics. Harmony World Consultant & Design created a project that easily fits within this environment but that also has modern elements brought in to stand out.

Every wall reveals the traces of time. In addition, the changes brought about by modern times in this city can be felt by all as it has come a long way. So Harmony World Consultants & Design want to show links from the past and the present in the design. Through many design elements with traces of time, such as some sculptures and paintings to show the existence of the past. Each space is closely related, showing how the past and present affect us, and how the new and old design methods could be.

Soft and Art Approach The phenomena of different reflections created in a space enlightened by the sunlight entering through a window is the result of the perfect scanning of the time. The space flows well due to this but is also extremely practical for its functionality.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

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