KNS Architects shortlisted with Second project in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015

KNS Architects shortlisted for the Residential £2.5-£5 Million (Project Value) Asia Pacific Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015.

The design of this 7000-square-foot apartment is rooted deeply in its littoral setting. The colours, textures, forms and even the generous scale of rooms are derivatives of hues, undulations and the expanse that one usually associates with this breathtaking natural feature. The spatial configuration of the home capitalizes on the setting by orienting the rooms towards the ocean such that it almost becomes a part of the internal environment.


The colour palette is largely earthy, with occasional changes towards the bright end of the colour spectrum. However, the selection always stays true to the sea-inspired theme. The material mix is highly curated and communicates luxury at a subliminal level. It also furthers the cause of seamlessness of space through visual continuity. However, individuality has been granted to functional pockets by a shift in treatment and finish, and, in a few places, the appearance of an accent material that is outside the defined material list.


Textures and transparency are the other mainstays of the interior treatment. Textures were rendered through shifts in surface treatments, keeping the base material constant. Furniture was selected on the parameters of richness sans vulgar opulence. Its placement was dictated by an endeavour to keep the feeling openness intact. The attempt in this project was to articulate luxury in an unaffected manner, drawing heavily on its scenic location.