KNS Architects have been shortlisted for Residential Award

KNS Architects shortlisted for the Residential £1-£2.5 Million (Project Value) Asia Pacific award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015

Opening the mind lead to un-wrapping the conventional cubical space, not having a definite edge or corner. The floor walls and the ceiling were integrated to create one space flowing into another by the use of angular lines forming angular planes, unfolding from one space to another. The concept was enhanced by the using a mono-chromatic scheme with splashes of red hues to excite and comfort the human mind at the same time.


The space is a conventional apartment within a conventional setting of the highly urbanized Mumbai city. The only breather was the spectacular views of the mangroves – green and blissful. The apartment is a balance between the dense concrete jungle on one side and endless scenery on the other. The exploded axonometric show the walls which were intentionally inclined or angled. This is the manifestation of the initial concept ‘opening of the box’.


The approach was not just being different, it was “to make a difference”, which posed a complex challenge in terms of the design scheme. The human mind in a city like Mumbai is highly stressed, living within boundaries and on the edge. An attempt to open the mind and create an experience – this formed the basis of the concept and the design. Wood, grey and the stark red suggests for fine dine. Soft spot lights from the ground and the shadow of it on the ceiling makes the room romantic and dreamy.