Congratulations to Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design shortlisted for Hotel Over 200 Rooms – Americas & Caribbean Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Kobi Karp Archtecture & Interior Design have been shortlisted for Hotel Over 200 Rooms – Americas & Caribbean Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019.

1 Hotel and Homes, located in Miami Beach Florida was redesigned and renovated by Kobi Karp with the interior design completed by Meyer Davis. The purpose of this rennovation was too revitalise the hotel into a brand new modern sustainable environment. The project is approximately 1,045,000-square-foot resting on 600-foot along the Atlantic Ocean. It was important that Kobi Karp took every detail of the renovation process into account, to fulfil the client’s needs, obtain a sustainable environment and stay respectful of the original conditions of the site. The buildings’ clean and simplified architecture was maintained while energy efficient and sustainable practices were implemented.

Inspired by nature and adhering to the brand’s standards for less consumption and more conservation, the materials, and resources for construction and furnishings were sourced locally, reclaimed, or repurposed. These include saving Colorado beetle kill pine to create headboards, Ipe wood from the property’s original boardwalk to use as planters, reclaimed driftwood for guestroom door handles and using 7500 pounds of local Florida coral stone for the property’s signature 1 monument.

Kobi Karps nature-oriented approach started with the conception of the project, with health and wellness at the centre of design, construction, facilities and operational decisions. It implements a wide range of energy and environmental design strategies to keep its carbon footprint small from air and water filtration systems and the use of natural materials throughout its spaces.

Kobi Karp

The newest technologies which bring performance improvement are available at 1 Hotel & Homes, all guests have access to Tesla house cars within a 3 miles radius, an in-room Nexus device for controlling temperature, entertainment, and communications, a daily digital newspaper and high-speed wireless internet for up to 5 devices per room all these complimentary to all guests.

Kobi Karp Archtecture & Interior Design