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Krever Kaplan Condo by ColeDesign Studio

ColeDesign Studio have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Canada Award in The International Design & Architecture Award

The mandate of this project was to make a liveable, luxurious and easy space. ColeDesign Studio has transformed the Krever Kaplan Condo into an art lover’s idyll, showcasing custom fixtures and a curated art collection, unified in a contemporary yet practical space. Functionality has been considered in order to allow this condo to entertain large numbers in the dining area, and the available space and light had been maximised for natural comfort.

ColeDesign Studio

ColeDesign distinguished boundaries which divide each individual area using subtle colour and texture changes, yet the large glass sliding doors allow the space to be kept open if desired. The kitchen/dining area is the heart of this inner-city condo and so must function as a space to entertain guests though also must be suitable for the space given. ColeDesign Studio embraced the need to take advantage of the available space with the dining table. Though it is the focus element of the room, the large, modern aggregate stone is designed to be multi-functional as a workspace, congregating area and an island for the kitchen, and is complemented by the custom light fixture.

ColeDesign Studio

The hallway leads to two bedrooms which were opened up to one another through pocket doors, allowing for a natural flow between rooms without removing the option of privacy. The use of large floor to ceiling loft style windows allows a view into the den while providing sound privacy and allowing light into the beautiful blue space with custom murphy bed. ColeDesign Studio introduced a walk-in closet into the master bedroom, and the custom cabinets found throughout the house provide the essential storage space so that the condo can remain open and uncluttered.

ColeDesign Studio

ColeDesign Studio ensured that each wall had a point of interest in terms of art or design. The resin painted kitchen backsplash and powder room wall lends a contrast to the block colour design of the condo. The views to through the windows from the 4th floor are expansive and allow the light to flow through the space. To complement this, ColeDesign Studio also chose modest white walls so that the art collection here remains predominant.

ColeDesign Studio

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