La Marquise by D-Cor

D-Cor have been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £100,000 Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

Combining modernity with the classic side of the house to balance two contrasting tastes of the homeowners. D-Cor’s design for this kitchen blends the space into its environment by showing respect to the classic character of the property, while giving it a chic and refined touch. The steel and the rough wood keep the soul of the house intact while the modern look and careful planning gives it is mind blowing visual.

How to satisfy one´s desire without compromising the other’s wishes. How to combine the wants of both; balance the elegant English style and the brutalism. Here D-Cor presents: LA MARQUISE.


A kitchen with an exceptional fenestration and full functionality that is expressly designed for the clients’ needs. Nothing has been overlooked by D-Cor to create the perfect marriage of modern details and classic elements. For him – a straight lined wine cellar made of Corten steel and raw wood. For her – a chrome and black walnut hutch to place her porcelain tableware. Everything satisfies the both of them. The oiled raw wood floor is in harmony with the classic mosaic surrounding the kitchen island and a handmade, black Canadian stone sink. The straight lined wooden frame with built-in lighting oversees the chrome shaker cabinet door. A butcher block counter faces a chevron marble wall. Doors that initially seem to house storage in fact conceal a play room family area. There is something for everyone in the house of happiness: LA MARQUISE.


The hidden children room at the back of the kitchen which blends completely into the lines of the kitchen allows purity and practicality to be combined. The blend of the impossible styles of raw materials such as rough wood and rusty steel with the chic side of marble, chrome and herringbone is quite unique. LA MARQUISE has a general view of the dining room, the exterior and the magnificent fireplace that give people a unique experience. The playroom allows the parent to keep an eye on their children while keeping an unmistakable design that works very well in the living space.


When one wishes for a modern style and the other prefers a more classic style, D-Cor was faced with a daunting task of not only accommodating but excelling at combining the themes. The end result works exceptionally due to the mix of materials and styles being so well balanced, and the considerations of a family kitchen are still at the forefront of the design. Here, the designers love to think that the impossible was made possible.


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