La Sorogeeka shortlisted for the Chair Award in the International Product Design Awards 2015

design et al are pleased to announce that La Sorogeeka have been shortlisted in the International Product Design Awards 2015

The Dining Head Chair has been created as part of our Indian Royalty Ensemble. As a part of the Royal Affair Collection it is inspired by the regal ambience of the Royal Palace in Jaipur. The entire collection was developed with Real Silver Plating and Intricate Carving to represent the richness and elegance of the Indian Royal Palaces.
The Chair is worthy of being placed in any majestic setting. The idea was to allow clients to have their own “Throne” and to feel like Kings in their private palaces.
The chair is completely handcrafted, and requires surgical precision of our talented artisans to plate the intricate details with real silver. Also, the upholstery has been done using Pure White Silk Fabric, which is widely used in the Royal Palace in Jaipur. The overall piece reflects the opulence, style and detailing of the Royal Palaces of India, and allows our clients to get a chance to create their own personal palaces through the use of our furniture.

Arm Detail (Custom)

The Entire Indian Royalty Ensemble was created for our clients creating a Heritage Home. Their desire was to create a property that represented Indian Culture and also represented their opulent and luxurious lifestyles. After a lot of discussion, we developed a design concept around Indian Royalty. Therefore, each piece in the house has an inspiration from the pieces from various different palaces of India.

“Our favourite aspect of this design is the skillful hand carving that has been done in real silver. Since the task is arduous, we understand the value and realise the effort that has gone in achieving that precise detailing.”

Chair View 1 (Custom)

The design works well because it gives an ordinary man the opportunity at living the life that was once led by Kings. Also, the fact that it is impossible to make these pieces in today’s day and age, makes these chairs a rare collectors piece for the clients who purchase them. The Chairs are part of an entire Royal Affair Collection and are sold only with the entire dining set, that consists of a Silver, Marble and Semi-Precious Stone Dining Table.